Richard Manning


With decades of field work under his belt, Richie is our most reliable superintendent who contributes his expertise full-time on a variety of projects––from institutional, healthcare and hospitality work, to high end-residential, banks or retail. He is also our first volunteer to offer night shift or weekend availability. A twenty-year veteran at Vanguard, Richie goes toe-to-toe with subcontractors to demand their best professional performance while cheering on their progress and showing his appreciation at the end of a project. A people person who takes great pride in turning over high-quality installations, Richie is our best example to prove how experience always gets the job done.

“I have four grandchildren I love spending time with. On the weekends, we might do a barbecue. One’s a teacher. Another’s an actor. He’s bartending right now. I don’t mind offering him a loan. Family is everything to me. I like helping out anyway I can.”

––– Richard Manning

Richie holds NYC DOB Superintendent License and a NYC SST 62HR Supervisor License. Spending time with his wife, Richie takes her to a restaurant or out for a slice of cake and coffee.